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April, Mistress Moo, Malcolm

When on a trip to Scotland in the early 1970’s I got my first glimpse of Highland cattle. Intrigued by the unusual and attractive critters, I immediately dubbed them “shaggy moos” and decided that if I ever had cattle, Highlands would be my preference. Research into the breed’s characteristics confirmed that Highland cattle would be a good choice. (I don’t care how cute it is, if I’m going to own an animal outweighing me by hundreds of pounds and sporting impressive horns, said animal must have a good disposition!) I even picked out a name for my future home – Shaggy Moo Farm.

Fast-forward about a quarter of a century and the opportunity presented itself. When I moved to Graham, WA there was space to keep a few large animals. The first cow-calf pair of Highlands took up residence in 1997 and Shaggy Moo Farm became a reality. Owning Highlands has been a delight and a learning experience. Getting to know other people with an interest in Highlands has added greatly to the pleasure. If you are a fellow Highland fan, I’d enjoy hearing from you.

I currently have cows, heifers and cow-calf pairs available for sale.  

See the 2011 calves!

Rebecca M. (Zura) Wilson
Shaggy Moo Farm
Graham, Washington